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Share some IBM Certified Administrator C2150-606 exam questions and answers below.
A Guardium administrator is registering a new Collector to a Central Manager (CM). The registration failed. As part of the investigation, the administrator wants to identify if the firewall ports are open How can the administrator do this?

A. Ask the company’s network administrators.

B. Ask IBM technical support to login as root and verify.

C. Login as CLI and execute telnet
D. Login as CLI and execute support show port open
Answer: D

A Guardium administrator manages an environment containing four standalone Collectors. The administrator has been asked to provide a weekly report showing all Data Manipulation Language (DML) SQL statements performed by all database administrators on all databases. The administrator does not want to run the report on each Collector. What should the administrator do to simplify this task and run the report in only one place every week?

A. Replace the 4 Collectors with one Aggregator.

B. Create an Enterprise Report on one Collector combining the data.

C. Add a Guardium Aggregator to the environment. Create and run the report on the Aggregator.

D. install a Configuration Auditing System (CAS) on each Database Server. Configure the CAS Client to send data to a Collector. Create and run the report on the Collector.

Answer: C

A Guardium administrator needs to upgrade BUNDLE-STAP on a Linux server to the latest version using GIM. What parameter should the administrator set to ensure the upgrade will not require a reboot of the server?





Answer: C

A Guardium administrator has an issue with Guardium. The administrator has not seen this particular issue before and needs to get it fixed. To get this resolved, what should the administrator do?

A. Log a PMR and request an answer from IBM Support.

B. Log a PMR so IBM Support can contact the customer. Then, while waiting, do a search of the Guardium Knowledge Center and Technotes for known issues and resolutions.

C. Request IBM Support to initiate a remote session and collect what they need to resolve the issue.

D. Search Guardium Knowledge Center and Technotes for known issues and resolutions. Then, if still needed, collect must_gather information and full problem details required for a new PMR so that IBM Support can review the Problem before contacting the customer.

Answer: D

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