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Share some CCNA Cyber Ops 210-255 exam questions and answers below.
Which process is being utilized when IPS events are removed to improve data integrity?

A. data normalization

B. data availability

C. data protection

D. data signature

Answer: B

Which regular expression matches “color” and “colour”?

A. col [0-9] +our

B. colo?ur

C. colou?r

D. [a-z] {7}

Answer: C

Which statement about threat actors is true?

A. They are any company assets that are threatened.

B. They are any assets that are threatened.

C. They are perpetrators of attacks.

D. They are victims of attacks.

Answer: B

Which two options can be used by a threat actor to determine the role of a server? (Choose two.)


B. tracert

C. running processes

D. hard drive configuration

E. applications

Answer: CD

Which CVSSv3 metric value increases when the attacker is able to modify all files protected by the vulnerable component?

A. confidentiality

B. integrity

C. availability

D. complexity

Answer: A

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