There is a very high demand for experts who can serve in various fields of IT, but the level of competition is also very high because every organization looks for the best and most skilled professionals who can become productive parts of their setups. Being an IT expert you will have to prove it in front of the employers that you are capable and possess skills which are considered as important for the successful operation of any firm or organization. 

Share some Sales Mastery M2090-805 exam questions and answers below.
IBM Watson is cognitive technology that processes information more like a human than a computer.
Cognitive computing is described by which of the following attributes?
A. Analyze unstructured data, store it in a repository, and synthesize it for decision making.
B. Combine structured data in new ways to generate new analytic questions to explore.
C. Describe current data, prescribe actions to take, and predict outcomes.
D. Understand natural language, generate hypotheses, and learn as you go.
Answer: D

What is the IBM Analytics strategy in regards to Industry Solutions?
A. Develop complete industry solutions targeted at the line of business.
B. Develop specialized infrastructure offerings to meet unique Industry needs.
C. Engage business partner experts to assist IBM customers in developing custom solutions.
D. Build deep internal IBM skills in each Industry to help IBM engage with Industry executives.
Answer: A

When selling into an organization, what does the Seller need to know from each individual on the customer team involved with the project?
A. What products do they prefer?
B. What is their role and individual agenda?
C. What is their role in the project?
D. How does the project impact their job?
Answer: B

Does a Business Partner Seller find out which customers are up for renewal?
A. Their VAD would contact IBM to obtain information on which S&S orders will renew within the next year.
B. They would contact the IBM field team with the customer relationship to get a current list.
C. They would contact their BPR, who is informed each month of customers that are renewing their S&S contracts.
D. They would contact their VAD for the report that IBM sends them of all S&S orders about to renew within the next 180 days
Answer: D

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