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Share some Veritas Certified Specialist (VCS) VCS-255 exam questions and answers below.
What is the correct RAID level for a layered volume layout that combines mirroring with

striping or concatenation?



C. RAID-0+1

D. RAID-1+0

Answer: A

What is a restriction for the volume relayout operation?

A. The file systems must be unmounted.

B. I/O to the file system must be stopped.

C. The file system must be checked for consistency.

D. The file systems must support online resizing.

Answer: D

Which command updates a Veritas File System (VxFS) layout from version 7 to version 8?

A. vxrelayout

B. vxupgrade

C. fsadm

D. vxfsconvert

Answer: B

Which two Veritas Storage Foundation 6.1 for UNIX components are required to perform thin reclamation on a thin provision capable array? (Select two.)

A. Dynamic Multi-Pathing

B. Veritas Operations Manager (VOM)

C. FlashSnap

D. Veritas File System (VxFS)

E. Intelligent Storage Provisioning (ISP)

Answer: A,D

How does the LDAP synchronization process treat mail-enabled groups?

A. as a user list

B. as a distribution list

C. as domain groups

D. as an LDAP list

Answer: B

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