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Share some IBM Certified Designer C2090-620 exam questions and answers below.
In Report Studio, when would the author need to unlock cells on a report?

A. To merge two report types into a single report.

B. To merge query items into a single column.

C. To merge a query item into a text item.

D. To merge report objects in table.

Answer: B

In Report Studio, an author creates a report using Package A. Users should be able to drill through to target reports created for this package. What must the author do?

A. Enable package drill-through behavior for the report.

B. Add this report as a source report for each target created for the package.

C. Add all drill-through definitions created for the package as targets for the source report.

D. Add all drill-through definitions created for the package to the scope of the report.

Answer: A

In Report Studio, an author creates a weekly sales report and modifies the global class settings in the report. Which reports will this modification affect?

A. All reports.

B. Reports created using the same package.

C. Reports created within the log on session.

D. Only the current report.

Answer: D

In Report Studio, which variable requires the author to create values?

A. Style

B. String

C. Boolean

D. Language

Answer: B

In Report Studio, when creating a list report, what is the difference between creating a section and creating a header?

A. Headers appear outside the list.

B. Sections appear outside the list.

C. Headers appear once at the top of the list.

D. Sections appear once at the top of the list.

Answer: B

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