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Share some Microsoft Project 74-343 exam questions and answers below.
Youare a program manager for a complex software development project.You use Project Professional 2013 to manage your project.Your resources work on many different projects across the program, and you need to resolve resource overallocations.Your project team uses a resource pool to manage resources.Resource1 has been assigned to assist on a project that is on the critical path.After assigning Resource2 to the task, you notice that Resource1 is overallocated during the month of November.Project A, which is on critical path, takes priority over Project B, which Resource1 is also assigned to.

Using resource leveling in Project Professional 2013, you need to resolve the overallocation for Resource1 for the month of November only.

Whatshould you do?

A.Setthe priority of Project A to 1000 and the priority of Project B to 500.Change the leveling order to Standard,and select Level All.

B.Setthe priority of Project A to 1000 and the priority of Project B to 500.Set the Leveling Range for November.Change the leveling order to Priority, Standard.Select Level Resource,and choose Resource1andLevel Now.

C.Setthe priority of Project A to 500 and the priority of Project B to 1000.Set the Leveling Range for November.Change the leveling order to Standard andselect Level Resource.Then choose Resource1andLevel Now.

D.Setthe priority of Project A to 500 and the priority of Project B to 1000.Change the leveling order to Priority, Standard,and select Level All.

Answer: B

Youare a project manager for a company that uses Project Professional 2013.Youare developing a schedule and plan to use the leveling order of Priority, Standard.Youneed to create a task which leveling will not change.Whatshould you do?

A.Settask priority to 1000.

B.Settask priority to 0.

C.Settask priority to 100.

D.Settask priority to 1.

Answer: A

Youare a project manager who uses Project Professional 2013.Youare planning an office move, which will occur over a weekend.You use Auto Scheduled tasks and create a weekend working calendar.Youneed to assign the weekend working calendar to the task.Whatshould you do?

A.Click on the Task tabandselect the Change Working Timebutton.Assign the weekend working calendar to the task.

B.Assign the task calendar to the task using the TaskInformation dialog box.

C.Right-clickon the weekend on the Gantt chartand select the weekend working calendar.

D.Change the start date of thetask to the Saturday, which willassign the weekend working calendar to the task.

Answer: B

You are a project manager, and your organization uses Project Professional 2013.You have created a detailed project schedule and have identified two tasks that are causing your resource to be overallocated.You need to use the Team Planner to reassign these tasks from the overallocated resources to underallocated resources with the same skill set.What should you do?

A.Right-click the resource and reassign it to the underallocated resource.

B.Drag the underallocated resource on the task to reassign it.

C.Right-click the task and reassign it to the underallocated resource.

D.Drag one of the tasks from the overallocated resource to the Unassigned Tasks section.

Answer: C

Youare managing a project using Project Professional 2013.

Yourproject schedule is showing task overallocation indicators in the Gantt chart view.You navigate to the Team Planner view to investigate more details regarding the over allocations.

Youdiscover that the BA1 resource is overallocated and you need to see all assignments with details for BA1 to understand their current workload before making any assignment changes.

Whatshould you do?

A.Click View, checkDetails,select TaskFormthen click on the BA1 resource.

B.Right-click the BA1 resource and select Information.

C.Click the BA1 resource and scroll to the end of the project.

D.Click View,check Details,select ResourceFormthen click on the BA1 resource.

Answer: D

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