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Share some IBM Certified Specialist C9020-668 exam questions and answers below.
A customer needs to exchange encrypted data cartridges with another company. A competitor offers a solution that encrypts the data with static keys loaded the tape drives. IBM proposes IBM TS1150 tape drives using the built-in encryption feature.Which competitive advantage does the IBM TS1150 solution provide?

A. It achieves better throughput by encrypting and compressing data at the same time.

B. It stores keys in the drive that can then be exported to partners in a secure format.

C. It compresses the data before encrypting to achieve a better compression ratio.

D. it writes a unique encrypted data key on the cartridge using public/private key pairs.

Answer: D

Which IBM products should the technical specialist propose to a customer who is using disk-based backups to meet regulatory requirements for low recovery time objectives?

A. IBM Spectrum Control Advance

B. IBM Spectrum Archive

C. IBM Spectrum protect

D. IBM Spectrum Control Base

Answer: C

What is the complete source of information for power, cooling, and floor space requirements for IBM tape products?

A. Preinstall TDA checklist

B. Product announcement letters

C. Installation and Planning Guide

D. IBM Storage System Interoperation Center

Answer: A

Which IBM XIV replication feature provides the ability for a remote target volume to be initialized without requiring the contents of the source volume to be re-replicated over an inter-site link?

A. Offline Initialization

B. Quick Initialization

C. Synchronous Replication

D. Asynchronous Replication

Answer: A

Which solution provides virtualization, consolidation, and automation for a cloud deployment?

A. IBM XIV with IBM Spectrum Protect

B. IBM FlashSystem 900

C. IBM Virtual Storage Center

D. IBM Spectrum Accelerate

Answer: C

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