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Share some APDS 3171T exam questions and answers below.
A customer has 9650 users. You need to use “nine (9) user-per-session model” for SIP trunks. You hope that at a time, 10% of users can use the mobile function. What is the optimal number of ASBCE security visits in the design?

A. 1073 Standard Sessions with 107 Advanced Sessions

B. 1073 Standard Sessions with 965 Advanced Sessions

C. 2038 Standard Sessions with 204 Advanced Sessions

D. 2038 Standard Sessions with 965 Advanced Sessions

Answer: D

You are designing for a customer with 11,000SIP users. Assume that the user has two devices registered at the same time and need redundancy. What is the minimum configuration to meet this requirement?

A. 1 Session Manager

B. 2 Session Managers

C. 3 Session Managers

D. 4 Session Managers

Answer: B

Engagement Development Platform (EDP) 3.1 supports server clustering. Some rules include up to 35 EDP servers limit, and 5 snap-ins sequenced per user. In addition to these, what other rules need to be followed?

A. Servers in the same cluster can support different VMware requirements

B. Only the Master node requires a Server license

C. Load balancing of EDP nodes requires all nodes in the same LAN subnet network

D. Each snap-in in each cluster, including a node designed as Master

E. Geographic Redundancy Deployment supports multiple servers of the cross data center

Answer: C

Customers need Microsoft Exchange as a back-end voice message. Customers do not require solutions for geographic redundancy, but require hardware redundancy. The customer has 8,000 users. Assuming that there are 60 users per port, at least how many Avaya Aura Messaging Application Servers will be required to meet the requirements?

A. 2 Application Servers

B. 3 Application Servers

C. 4 Application Servers

D. 5 Application Servers

Answer: B

The Engagement Development Platform (EDP) offers a 90-day trial option. This allows the client/partner to take advantage of this platform on non-production systems. In addition to 50 named user licenses, what are there in the trial package?

A. 1 EDP server license, 1 Avaya Aura Media Server license

B. 1 EDP server license with HA, 1 Avaya Aura Media Server license with HA

C. 1 EDP server license, 1 Avaya Aura Media Server license, plus an optional Avaya Snap-in

D. 1 EDP server license, 1 Avaya Aura Media Server license, plus Engagement Designer optional Snap-in

Answer: A

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