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Share some CCE-AD 1Y0-401 exam questions and answers below.
After careful review of the end users and applications in CGE’s environment, a Citrix Architect has chosen several different FlexCast models for application and desktop delivery. What are two reasons why the architect would recommend ‘VDI: pooled with PvD’ as an appropriate delivery model for the Desktop – Research application? (Choose two.)

A. It allows the end users to install custom software.

B. It gives the end users full rights over the system drive.

C. It requires less storage space than dedicated desktops.

D. It allows for high availability in a disaster recovery scenario.

Answer: A,C

Which option requires the fewest components to implement a fault-tolerant, load-balanced solution for end-user access at each datacenter?

A. Two StoreFront servers in a single StoreFront server group.

B. Two NetScalers in a high availability pair, with load balancing pointing to a single StoreFront server.

C. Three NetScalers in a cluster, with load balancing pointing to two StoreFront servers belonging to the same StoreFront server group.

D. Two NetScalers in a high availability pair, with load balancing pointing to two StoreFront servers belonging to the same StoreFront server group.

Answer: B

Which two current licensing issues should a Citrix Architect resolve in CGE’s new virtualization design? (Choose two.)

A. There are more RDS CALs than Citrix licenses.

B. The Citrix and RDS licenses share the same server.

C. There are many different license servers in the environment.

D. There is a mixture of Enterprise, Platinum, and Advanced Citrix licenses in use.

Answer: C,D

Which component of the CGE environment should be updated before implementing a XenDesktop virtual desktop solution in the Houston datacenter?

A. Server infrastructure

B. Network connectivity

C. Storage infrastructure

D. Power and cooling infrastructure

Answer: D

Which tool should a Citrix Architect use to document CGE’s existing printer models?

A. Print Migrator

B. Stress Printer

C. Print Detective

D. Print Management

Answer: C

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