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Share some CCNP Wireless 300-360 exam questions and answers below.
An 802.11n implementation is being discussed. Users are satisfied with the potential 300-450 Mbps throughput of new 802.11n APs. Which three bandwidth requirements are used to calculate per client bandwidth through an 802.11n AP network? (Choose three.)

A. 450 Mbps throughput is the client max for 5-GHz radio.

B. Channel bonding on 5 GHz is required for a client to have a 300 Mbps WiFi link.

C. 300 Mbps throughput is the client max for 2.4-GHz radio.

D. The remaining bandwidth is divided per device when more clients are connected to one AP.

E. 100 Mbps Ethernet switch port is a potential bottleneck.

F. CleanAir helps clear noise for 802.11n channel bonding to work.

Answer: A,C,E

Which two options describe best practices that must be completed after a wireless installation is finished? (Choose two.)

A. Make sure that there are no spaces between the devices on the rack that the Wireless Lan Controller isinstalled.

B. Consult with the customer to ensure that the IT staff has a complete set of design and installationdocuments.

C. Make sure the customer is aware that they should consider purchasing a support contract immediately afterthe installation is complete.

D. Spend time with the customer to show them the controller GUI and inform them how they can reach theCisco TAC if they have any problems.

E. Test all the customer’s wireless devices and applications to ensure they are working properly.

Answer: B,E

The AP has been configured property for a VoWLAN survey The RF environment contains a noise of -87 to -90 dBm. What is the target value for the cell edge reading?

A. -62 dBm

B. -67 dBm

C. -60 dBm

D. -70 dBm

Answer: A

A Cisco 7925 phone at a client’s location is not registering with CUCM. The engineer analyzes a packet capture, sees that the phone receives an IP, and downloads the proper configuration file from TFTP successfully. What type of messages should the phone be sending at this point?

A. H.245

B. H.323



Answer: D

After the completion of a site survey with Ekahau Site Survey tool, using the default color palette, it is noted that multiple areas are shown as white on the heat map when viewing 5 GHz signal strength data. What does this indicate about the signal strength?

A. The area is below the minimum threshold configured on the tool.

B. The area is below the detectable level and indicates no RF signal.

C. The area is below -100 dBm at coverage cell edge.

D. The area is below -67 dBm at coverage cell edge.

Answer: B

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