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Share some Cisco Specialist 700-070 exam questions and answers below.
What is the purpose of the IX5000?

A. immersive collaboration

B. mobile-device use

C. desktop use

D. home use

Answer: A

Which action should you take before upgrading a telepresence system?

A. Restore the current configurations.

B. Back up the current configurations.

C. Restore the factory settings.

D. Contact TAC for upgrade instructions.

Answer: B

What causes echo or reverberation in the room during a call?

A. too many acoustic panels

B. too many hard surfaces

C. too many people

D. too many devices

Answer: B

Which two options are available through the participant icon? (Choose two.)

A. List all missed calls.

B. Drop a caller from the call.

C. List all participants who were dropped from the call.

D. List all participants on the call.

E. Add a caller to the call.

Answer: B,D

How can you change presentation display options during a call?

A. Open the share tray and drag the presentation to the desired location.

B. Open the share tray and assign display numbers to each presentation.

C. Open the system settings and reconfigure the display options.

D. Open the participant list and drag the presentation to the desired location.

Answer: A

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