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Share some CCNA SP 640-878 exam questions and answers below.
Refer to the Cisco IOS XR commands exhibit.

The router administrator is trying to activate a software package on the router but is not able to do so. Which statement about this problem is true?

A. The router needs to be in the global configuration mode.

B. The router needs to be in the admin global configuration mode.

C. The router needs to be in the admin EXEC mode.

D. The install activate command is not the correct command to use.

E. The administrator needs to log in as the "root" user instead of the "admin" user.

Answer: C

Which IP addresses are matched by the permit access-list entry?

A. to

B. to

C. to

D. to

E. to

Answer: E

Which file extension indicates a bootable installation file in Cisco IOS XR software?

A. .bin

B. .tar

C. .smu

D. .pie

E. .vm

F. .mini

Answer: E

You are enabling OSPF on a router and notice that all the Fast Ethernet and the Gigabit Ethernet interfaces have the same OSPF cost of 1. Which single configuration change can you make in router ospf configuration mode so that the Fast Ethernet interfaces have a higher OSPF cost than the Gigabit Ethernet interfaces?

A. Change the OSPF interface cost globally.

B. Change the OSPF default metric.

C. Change the OSPF auto-cost reference bandwidth.

D. Change the OSPF administrative distance.

E. Change the OSPF metric type from E2 to E1.

Answer: C

Refer to the two show output examples below. The switch with the e8ba.70b5.7180 MAC address is the root bridge for which VLAN or VLANs?


B. VLAN 70

C. VLAN 80

D. VLANs 1, 70, and 80

E. VLANs 1 and 70

F. VLANs 1 and 80

G. VLANs 70 and 80

Answer: C

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