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Share some Sales Mastery M2090-805 exam questions and answers below.
Which is an accurate behavior of the buyers in the Business Analytics Commercial space?

A. Buyers in the Commercial space are shifting toward Information Technology.

B. Buyers in the Commercial space are shifting toward Operations,

C. Buyers in the Commercial space are shifting toward the Line of Business.

D. Buyers in the Commercial space are shifting toward Finance.

Answer: C

Does a Business Partner Seller find out which customers are up for renewal?

A. Their VAD would contact IBM to obtain information on which S&S orders will renew within the next year.

B. They would contact the IBM field team with the customer relationship to get a current list.

C. They would contact their BPR, who is informed each month of customers that are renewing their S&S contracts.

D. They would contact their VAD for the report that IBM sends them of all S&S orders about to renew within the next 180 days

Answer: D

Which is NOT an IBM SaaS incentive program?

A. SaaS Referral

B. Software Value Incentive

C. SVP SaaS New & Reactivated Incentive

D. Certify Business Value Incentive

Answer: D

A Seller is in a meeting with the VP of Finance.

Which would be a high yield question to ask in an effort to progress an IBM Analytics Commercial opportunity?

A. Can you tell me how you track the daily volume of your call centers by region and service center?

B. How do you communicate plans and forecasts to other groups in the company such as operations, research and development, and sales?

C. Do you have visibility into how your suppliers are impacting your production line efficiency?

D. Do you have visibility into customer churn?

Answer: B

What is the IBM Analytics strategy in regards to Industry Solutions?

A. Develop complete industry solutions targeted at the line of business.

B. Develop specialized infrastructure offerings to meet unique Industry needs.

C. Engage business partner experts to assist IBM customers in developing custom solutions.

D. Build deep internal IBM skills in each Industry to help IBM engage with Industry executives.

Answer: A

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