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Share some MCSA MB6-890 exam questions and answers below.
You are developing logic to update customer data with the click of a button.

You write the logic in a table method and call this method from the button click event You need the logic to catch the exception specific to an error in a transaction that uses optimistic concurrency control. You also need to ensure that the transaction will be retried.

Which type of exception handling should you use in your code?

A. dderror

B. UpdateConflictNotRecovered

C. deadlock

D. UpdateConflict

Answer: C

You are using the Visual Studio development environment to perform a customization for your client You need to synchronize project elements related to the data dictionary along with the build operation.

Where should you set the property "Synchronize database on Build" to achieve this goal?

A. package properties

B. individual data dictionary element properties

C. project properties

D. model properties

Answer: D

You need to verify the properties related to a specific table in the AOT, and you do not have a project The properties pane is already open in Visual Studio.

Which component do you need to use to select the table in order to see the properties?

A. Application Explorer

B. Object Browser

C. Solution Explorer

D. Code Definition Window

Answer: D

You have an X++ class that has the following code:

You are writing a static method. You have an object of AssetBookCompareContract named assetBookCompareContractObj that is initialized within this method.

You need to print the current value of the firstAssetBookld variable from the assetBookCompareContractObj object.

Which piece of code should you use to achieve this goal?

A. irvFo(assetBookCompareContractObj : :fIrstAssetBookld);

B. info(assetBookCompareContractObj.f IrstAssetBookld);

C. info(assetBookCompareContractObj.panmFirstAssetBookId(¡°¡±));

D. info(assetBookCompareContractObj.parmFirstAssel:BookId());

Answer: D

You have the following X++ statement

What is the output of the statement?

A. An error has occurred.

VariableB cannot be less than variableA.

B. An error has occurred.

Process was aborted.

C. An error has occurred.

VariableB cannot be less than variableA.

D. VariableB cannot be less than variableA.

Process was aborted.

Answer: B

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