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Share some SAP HANA C_HANAIMP_11 exam questions and answers below.
Which of the following information models does SAP recommend to combine fact table fields with the corresponding master data attributes? (Choose two)

A. Database view

B. Calculation view

C. Analytic view

D. Attribute view

Answer: B,C

You work with an information model on SAP HANA that contains sales data for all regions. Which of the following modeling techniques can you use to define re-usable columns per region?

A. Input parameters

B. Analytic privileges

C. Restricted columns

D. Constraint filters

Answer: C

You need to retrieve data from SAP HANA that is restricted to a certain region and specific users. How can you implement this security strategy?

A. By assigning SQL privileges to the necessary users

B. By assigning Analytic privileges to the necessary users

C. By assigning System privileges to the necessary users

D. By assigning Package privileges to the necessary users

Answer: B

You have an SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW) on SAP HANA system installed on multiple nodes. Which of the following information objects are stored on the master node?

A. SAP NetWeaver BW master data tables

B. DataStore Objects (DSOs)

C. ABAP system tables

D. Persistent Staging Area (PSA) tables

Answer: C

You would like to authorize a user to select and delete data from a specific column table. The user should also be able to grant this authorization to other users. Which privilege do you need to implement?

A. System privilege

B. Object privilege

C. Package privilege

D. Analytic privilege

Answer: B

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