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Share some Veritas Certified Specialist (VCS) VCS-254 exam questions and answers below.
When configured as default, the Veritas Cluster Server Notifier receives queued messages on a schedule every how many minutes?

A. One

B. Three

C. Five

D. Ten

Answer: B

How is an admin account added to receive notification?

A. by modifying the notifier SmtpRecipients attribute while online

B. by modifying the SmtpAdmins in the main.cf file of the active cluster

C. by modifying the SmtpRecipients attribute and restarting the notifier

D. by modifying the SmtpAdmins attribute and restarting the notifier

Answer: C

Which roles configuration tab is used to set the custom attributes that a certain role can view or edit?

A. General tab

B. Incident Access tab

C. Policy Management tab

D. Users tab

Answer: A

In a two node configuration, which option allows the administrator to form a Veritas cluster on the pair?

A. One node is an NFS client to the other node’s NFS server.

B. One node runs HP-UX and the other Oracle Solaris.

C. One node runs Oracle Solaris SPARC, and the other runs Oracle Solaris x86.

D. One node is a virtual machine, and the other is physical.

Answer: D

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