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Share some VMCE VMCE_V9 exam questions and answers below.
Which is the main advantage of using SAN snapshots for backups?

A. Speeds up the backup process.

B. Decreases the amount of time the VM is running on a VMware snapshot.

C. Helps you avoid creating a VMware snapshot.

D. Saves space in the repository.

Answer: B

Which job statistics index can be used to identify the slowest component of the data path of a backup job?

A. Warnings

B. “Action” log

C. Processing rate

D. Bottleneck statistics

Answer: D

Which job type cannot be set to use job-level encryption?

A. Backup copy job

B. Configuration backup

C. Backup to tape

D. Replication job

E. Backup job

Answer: B

Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Active Directory offers which of the following capabilities? (Choose the 3 appropriate options)

A. Export an object/container to a local folder or network drive

B. Search for an object/container

C. Restore an object/container to a location which is different from original

D. Send an object/container as an attachment via email

E. Export an object/container as a Personal Folder File (pst)

Answer: A,D,E

Can Universal Application-Item Recovery (U-AIR) be performed in the absence of a Virtual Lab?

A. Yes. if the proper infrastructure is configured.

B. No, a Virtual Lab is always required.

C. Yes, but only with a configured application group.

Answer: B

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