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Share some CCNA Routing and Switching 200-105 exam questions and answers below.
Which two of these statements regarding RSTP are correct? (Choose two.)

A. RSTP cannot operate with PVST+.

B. RSTP defines new port roles.

C. RSTP defines no new port states.

D. RSTP is a proprietary implementation of IEEE 802.1D STP.

E. RSTP is compatible with the original IEEE 802.1D STP.

Answer: B,E

Which term describes a spanning-tree network that has all switch ports in either the blocking or fowarding state?

A. converged

B. redundant

C. provisioned

D. spanned

Answer: A

Which three of these statements regarding 802.1Q trunking are correct? (Choose three.)

A. 802.1Q native VLAN frames are untagged by default.

B. 802.1Q trunking ports can also be secure ports.

C. 802.1Q trunks can use 10 Mb/s Ethernet interfaces.

D. 802.1Q trunks require full-duplex, point-to-point connectivity.

E. 802.1Q trunks should have native VLANs that are the same at both ends.

Answer: A,C,E

At which layer of the OSI model is RSTP used to prevent loops?

A. physical

B. data link

C. network

D. transport

Answer: B

Each of these four switches has been configured with a hostname, as well as being configured to run RSTP. No other configuration changes have been made. Which three of these show the correct RSTP port roles for the indicated switches and interfaces? (Choose three.)

A. SwitchA, Fa0/2, designated

B. SwitchA, Fa0/1, root

C. SwitchB, Gi0/2, root

D. SwitchB, Gi0/1, designated

E. SwitchC, Fa0/2, root

F. SwitchD, Gi0/2, root

Answer: A,B,F

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