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In the exhibit, a Funnel stage has two input links.Input 1 (Seq_File) comes from a Sequential File stage with "Readers per Node" set to "2".Input 2 (Dataset) comes from a dataset created with 3 partitions.In the Funnel stage, the funnel type is set to "Sequence".

The parallel configuration file contains 4 nodes.How many instances of the Funnel stage run in parallel?





Answer: C

You are assigned to correct a job from another developer.The job contains 20 stages sourcing data from two Data Sets and many sequential files.The annotation in the job indicates who wrote the job and when, not the objective of the job.All link and stage names use the default names.One of the output columns has an incorrect value which should have been obtained using a lookup.What could the original developer have done to make this task easier for maintenance purposes?

A.Name all stage and links the same.

B.Name all stages and links based on what they do.

C.Indicate all stage names within the job annotation.

D.Name all stage and links with column names and ideas.

Answer: B

You would like to pass values into parameters that will be used in a variety of downstream activity stages within a job sequence.What are two valid ways to do this? (Choose two.)

A.Use local parameters.

B.Place a parameter set stage on the job sequence.

C.Add a Transformer stage variable to the job sequence canvas.

D.Check the "Propagate Parameters" checkbox in the Sequence Job properties.

E.Use the UserVariablesActivity stage to populate the local parameters from an outside source such as a file.

Answer: A,E

Which two environment variables add additional reporting information in the job log for DataStage jobs? (Choose two.)






Answer: B,C

On the DataStage development server, you have been making enhancements to a copy of a

DataStage job running on the production server.You have been asked to document the changes you have made to the job.What tool in DataStage Designer would you use?

A.Compare Against



D.Cross Project Compare

Answer: D

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