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Share some CCA-V 1Y0-202 exam questions and answers below.
Scenario: An application that renders locally and creates a large number of temporary files on the local drive is installed on the Desktop OS machines. A Citrix Administrator creates a vDisk in Private mode with this application installed. The administrator is in the process of updating a vDisk from Private mode to Standard mode and needs to determine the write cache type.Which cache type would provide the best performance?

A. Cache on server

B. Cache on device hard drive

C. Cache on device hard drive encrypted

D. Cache in device RAM with overflow on hard disk

Answer: D

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator has deployed 2000 Desktop OS machines in a call center environment. The call center is segmented into three shifts that span the full 24-hour day. The Desktop OS machines are deployed as non-persistent Desktop OS machines with Provisioning Services. The administrator needs to increase the RAM allocated to each Desktop OS machine by 1 GB.What should the administrator do to add the memory to each Desktop OS machine in this environment?

A. Increase the memory of the Master Target Device inside the Provisioning Services Console.

B. Use PowerShell cmdlets on the Delivery Controller to set the Desktop OS machine settings for a specific Machine Catalog.

C. Update the template in the hosting infrastructure. In Citrix Studio, select the Machine Catalogs node, select the machine catalog in the results pane, and click Update Machine.

D. Create new virtual machines with the XenDeskop Setup Wizard using the updated hosting template. Once all Delivery Groups have been migrated to the new catalog, delete the existing Desktop OS machines.

Answer: D

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator configures a profile management policy in Citrix Studio for the members of a particular organizational unit (OU). The administrator must verify that the filter is applied correctly to the newly created policy.How could the administrator verify that the filter is correctly applied?

A. Using the Modeling Wizard

B. Using a Policy Template Comparison

C. Running rsop.msc on the Delivery Controller

D. Running gpresult /v from the command line

Answer: A

Scenario: Newly hired employees report they are NOT able to connect to their Desktop OS machines. Some of the employees have provided screenshots that show an error message indicating that no license is available. The license console shows that all device/user licenses have been allocated. Three weeks ago the company sold a subsidiary, freeing up 100 licenses, so the IT team is certain that licenses are available.Which command-line interface utility should a Citrix Administrator use to address this issue?

A. lmdiag.exe

B. lmdown.exe

C. udadmin.exe

D. lmadmin.exe

Answer: C

A Citrix Administrator must limit the Helpdesk team supporting Human Resources (HR) to only manage and view resources for the HR department.Which two steps must the administrator complete within Citrix Studio to meet the requirements of the scenario? (Choose two.)

A. Apply the custom filter to the HR Helpdesk team.

B. Remove all current roles for the HR Helpdesk team.

C. Remove all current scopes for the HR Helpdesk team.

D. Create a new custom role and link it to the HR Helpdesk team.

E. Create a new custom scope and link it to the HR Helpdesk team.

Answer: C, E

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