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Share some HCNA H13-612-ENU exam questions and answers below.
About DAS features, which of the following description is correct? (Multiple Choice)
A The port number that can connect to the host is limited.
B. when maintaining internal DAS, the system needs to lower electricity
C. If the storage space is tight, DAS can share storage resources process’ DAS’s rest space
D. when multiple hosts connect DAS, can provide different level service.
Answer: AB

Which of the following options are not the necessary components of FC SAN environment ? (multiple choice)
A. storage device
B. FC switch
D. Windows operating system
Answer: AD

In the following description, what are the functions of NAS engine features? (Multiple choice)
A. provides an interface to realize file sharing
B. provide an interface to connect to the storage system
C. provides hardware platform to run NAS software
D. providing a large storage space
Answer: AC

In the device Manager of Huawei Oceanstor V3 , when selecting RAID strategy, which description is correct?
A. When selecting RAID5, you can choose RAID policy of 5D + 1P
B. When selecting RAID5, you can choose RAID policy of 4D + 1P
C. When selecting RAID5, you can choose RAID policy of 8D + 1P
D. When selecting RAID6, you can choose RAID policy of 4D + 2P
Answer: BCD

In a high business continuity system, RPO and RTO value should have features of :
A.RPO higher, RTO lower
B.RPO lower, RTO higher
C.RPO and RTO are lower
D.RPO and RTO are higher
Answer: C

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Study the valid HCNA H13-612-ENU exam questions and answers below.
In Huawei Oceanstor V3 storage system, a hard disk domain can contain only one type of disk.
Answer: B

Reasure Code redundancy technology is a superset of RAID technology, compared with traditional RAID technology, Reasure Code provides better flexibility.
Answer: A

About Huawei Oceanstor V3 storage dynamic hierarchical storage technology, Which of the following description is not correct?
A. smart Tier calculate and analyze data activity , to determine the active level of data
B. smart Tier according to the different activity level of data, automatically and dynamically move data to a different performance storage medium
C. smart tier data movement based on the configuration of data migration strategy
D. smart tier features of data statistics, analysis and data migration will affect the business continuity and data availability
Answer: D

Compared the NAS storage system and file server, what are the advantages of NAS storage system ?
A. high stability, high availability
B. service diversification, powerful
C. large storage space
D. high data security
Answer: ABCD

Oceanstor V3 control box has BBU module, can in the case of sudden outage, sustainable power supply for the control box, make sure that the storage system write data in the Cache to safe dish, avoid data loss
Answer: A

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