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Share some CAMS Certification CAMS exam questions and answers below.
Which three statements are true regarding the extraterritorial reach of laws and legislation of the U.S.?
A. The criminal anti-money laundering law can apply to transactions that occur partially overseas
B. Economic and trade sanctions by OFAC may pose extraterritorial risks for financial institutions and businesses outside the U.S.
C. The extraterritorial reach covers all transactions throughout the global economy
D. The defendant does not need to know the funds came from an illegal activity under state, federal or foreign law
Answer: A, B, D

What are three risk factors a financial institution should examine with regard to a proposed new product?
A. The complexity of the product
B. The need to verify the identification of the customer
C. Whether the product is easily transferable
D. Whether other financial institutions are marketing the product
Answer: A, B, C

What should senior management do in order to promote a culture of anti-money laundering compliance?
A. They should include compliance with AML procedures as condition of employment
B. They should attend all training sessions with front-line employment
C. They should have close ties with the independent auditors of the AML program
D. They should base employee compensation on the amount of suspicious activity they detect
Answer: A

In some instances, a financial institution may receive a warrant from law enforcement authorities to search its premises. A search warrant is a grant of permission from a court for a law enforcement agency to search certain designated premises and seize specific categories of items or information. Generally, what is the required threshold for the requesting agency to establish in order to obtain a search warrant of a financial institution?
A. Reasonable belief
B. Probable cause
C. A preponderance of the evidence
D. Clear and convincing proof
Answer: A

An anti-money laundering specialist at a large institution is responsible for information senior management about the status of the anti-money laundering program across the organization. Which report is the most useful?
A. The total credit exposure for non-cooperative countries and territories
B. Results of related audits and examinations
C. Details on inquires received from law enforcement
D. Notification of management changes in the different major divisions
Answer: B

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