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Share some CCIE 400-051 exam questions and answers below.
A CUCM engineer has deployed Type B SIP Phones on a remote site and no SIP dial rules were deployed for these phones.

How Will CUCM receive the DTMF after the phone goes off- hook and the button are pressed?

A. Each digit will be received by CUCM in a SIP NOTIFY message as soon as they are pressed

B. The first digit will be received in a sip invite and subsequent digits will be received using NOTIFY message as soon as they are pressed.

C. Each digit bill be received by CUCM in a SIP INVITE as soon as the dial soft key has been pressed.

D. All digits will be received by CUCM in a SIP INVITE as soon as the dial soft key has been pressed

Answer: A

Assume there are no classes of service restrictions and all numbers shown are reachable from this Cisco Unified IP 7965 Phone.

Which statement about the dialing key strokes that allow the owner of this phone to reach directory number 2000 is true?

A. Press the last button on the right hand side of the phone screen.

B. There is no way to speed dial to directory number 2000 because the speed dial entry is not assigned.

C. Press 7 on the phone keypad, followed by the Dial soft key.

D. Press 6 on the phone keypad, followed by the Dial soft key.

E. Press 5 on the phone keypad, followed by the AbbrDial soft key.

Answer: E

A user has reported that when trying to access Visual Voicemail the following error is received "Unable to open application. Please try again later. If it continues to fail contact your administrator".

The collaboration engineer is working on the problem found on the following phone logs:

6532 NOT 13:49:35.357489 CVM-InstallerModule.STATUS_INSTALL_CANCELLED & STATUS_INSTALL_ERROR: [thread=installer MQThread][class=cip.midp.midletsuite.InstallerModule][function=updateStatus] Midlet Install Canceled/ Error…Visual VoiceMail

How can this issue be resolved?

A. Replace the sever name with the server IP on service URL field

B. Eliminate the space in the service Name field

C. Configure DNS on phone configuration so it can resolve server name

D. Check the Enable checkbox on IP phone service configuration

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.

A customer is configuring CAR costing for call. When the customer runs the costing reports calls are not being tagged correctly.

Which two changes allow proper costing to be determined for these calls? (Choose two)

A. The toll free area code field must be updated to include all toll free area codes

B. A new local pattern must be added with the pattern "k!"

C. A new pattern must be added for the 914 and 625 area codecs

D. The items are out of order and must be sorted with the most specific at the top

E. Overlapping area codec on the trunks must be removed

F. All external patterns must be change to include the outside access code

Answer: AB

Which two settings should be configured on the SIP Trunk Security Profile for the IM & Presence Service SIP Trunk? (Choose two.)

A. Check to enable Accept Presence Subscription.

B. Verify that the setting for Incoming Transport Type is TCP+UDP.

C. Configure Device Security Mode to Encrypted.

D. Check to enable Enable Application Level Authorization.

E. Configure the Outgoing Transport Type to TLS.

Answer: A,B

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