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Share some CCNA Data Center 200-155 exam questions and answers below.
The ARC is responsible for which two processes? (Choose two)

A. network policy configuration

B. fabric segmentation

C. BGP end-node emulation

D. ISL blocking per STP implementation

E. switch firmware management

Answer: AD

Which two Cisco Nexus 1000V Series Switch features exceed the functionality of the VWware vNetwork Distributed Switch? (Choose two)

A. access control lists

B. QoS marking

C. Network vMotion

D. port state migration

E. DV Port Groups

Answer: AB

What are two advantages to running Fabric Path in the data center over using Spanning Tree? (Choose two.)

A. provides multi chassis Ether Channel capabilities

B. allows every switch to send BPDUs to each other to ensure the L2 topology is synchronized

C. has L2 multipath forwarding capacities

D. uses B02 1 q trunks to ensure VLANs are propagated through the topology

E. uses TIL field to provide loop mitigation

Answer: BD

Which statement about a bridge domain is true?

A. A bridge domain must be liked to one internal network and one external network

B. A bridge domain must be linked to a physical domain

C. A bridge domain typically has at least one subnet that Is associated with it

D. A bridge domain must have at least one external network that is associated with it

Answer: C

Which privilege is assigned by default to the UCS Manager Storage Administrator user role?

A. service-storage-security-config

B. service-admin-config

C. service-admin

D. service-profile-storage

Answer: D

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