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Share some CCNA Security 210-260 exam questions and answers below.
What type of algorithm uses the same key to encrypt and decrypt data?

A. a symmetric algorithm

B. an asymmetric algorithm

C. a Public Key Infrastructure algorithm

D. an IP security algorithm

Answer: A

Which two statements about Telnet access to the ASA are true? (Choose two).

A. You may VPN to the lowest security interface to telnet to an inside interface.

B. You must configure an AAA server to enable Telnet.

C. You can access all interfaces on an ASA using Telnet.

D. You must use the command virtual telnet to enable Telnet.

E. Best practice is to disable Telnet and use SSH.

Answer: A,E

What are two default Cisco IOS privilege levels? (Choose two.)

A. 0

B. 1

C. 5

D. 7

E. 10

F. 15

Answer: B,F

What is a reason for an organization to deploy a personal firewall?

A. To protect endpoints such as desktops from malicious activity.

B. To protect one virtual network segment from another.

C. To determine whether a host meets minimum security posture requirements.

D. To create a separate, non-persistent virtual environment that can be destroyed after a session.

E. To protect the network from DoS and syn-flood attacks.

Answer: A

What VPN feature allows Internet traffic and local LAN/WAN traffic to use the same network connection?

A. split tunneling

B. hairpinning

C. tunnel mode

D. transparent mode

Answer: A

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