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Share some CCNP 300-115 exam questions and answers below.
Which feature is automatically configured when an administrator enables a voice VLAN?

A: 802.1Q trunking

B: PortFast

C: QoS

D: private VLANs

Answer: B

What is the default value for the errdisable recovery interval in a Cisco switch?

A. 30 seconds

B. 100 seconds

C. 300 seconds

D. 600 seconds

Answer: C

In a Cisco switch, what is the default period of time after which a MAC address ages out and is discarded?

A. 100 seconds

B. 180 seconds

C. 300 seconds

D. 600 seconds

Answer: C

While doing network discovery using Cisco Discovery Protocol, it is found that rapid error tracking is not currently enabled.

Which option must be enabled to allow for enhanced reporting mechanisms using Cisco Discovery Protocol?

A. Cisco Discovery Protocol version 2

B. Cisco IOS Embedded Event Manager

C. logging buffered

D. Cisco Discovery Protocol source interface

E. Cisco Discovery Protocol logging options

Answer: A

After configuring new data VLANs 1020 through 1030 on the VTP server, a network engineer notices that none of the VTP clients are receiving the updates.

What is the problem?

A. The VTP server must be reloaded.

B. The VTP version number must be set to version 3.

C. After each update to the VTP server, it takes up to 4 hours propagate.

D. VTP must be stopped and restarted on the server.

E. Another switch in the domain has a higher revision number than the server.

Answer: B

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