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Share some CCNP Cloud 300-465 exam questions and answers below.
A cloud administrator is considering the appropriate solution to automate a hybrid cloud deployment. The solution requires a single pane of glass infrastructure management, monitoring, health dashboard, orchestration and a self-service portal. Which solution is most appropriate for this environment?


B.Cisco UCS Director

C.Cisco WC

D.Cisco Enablement Platform

Answer: A

A cloud administrator is considering storage for a deployment. The admin needs a solution that is durable and reliable and fits the need for storing media, web assets, and backups. Which solution meets this need the best?

A.Cloud file storage

B.Cloud block storage

C.Cloud hybrid storage

D.Cloud NFS storage

Answer: C

When considering a private cloud integrated infrastructure, which solution is prebuilt and tested before being delivered to a customer only using Cisco, and VMware?






Answer: B

Which solution provides centralized automation and policy-driven application profiles?





Answer: A

Which large-scale Layer 2 connectivity protocol is best (or VLAN address space that is limited in large networks?






Answer: A

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