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Share some CCNP 300-135 exam questions and answers below.
The Fault Condition is related to which technology?




D. IPv4 OSPF Routing

E. IPv4 OSPF Redistribution

F. IPv6 OSPF Routing

G. IPv4 layer 3 security

Answer: A

Ticket 4 NATACL


The implementation group has been using thetest bed to do a ¡®proof-of-concept¡¯that required both client 1 and client 2 to access the Web Server at several changed to interface status, network addressing, routing schemes and layer 2 connectivity, at trouble ticket has been opened indicating that client 1 cannot ping the (internet Server).

show run by yourself to obtain the following information:

Configuration on R1

ip nat inside source list nat_pool interface Serial0/0/0/1 overload !

ip access-list standard nat_pool


! interface Serial0/0/0/1

ip address

ip nat outside

! interfaceSerial0/0/0/0.12

ip address

ip nat inside

ip ospf message-digest-key 1 md5 TSHOOT

ip ospd authentication message-digest

On Which device is the fault condition located?

A. R1

B. R2

C. R3

D. R4




Answer: A

The fault condition is related to which technology?


B. IPv4 OSPF Routing

C. IPv6 OSPF Routing

D. IPV4 and IPV6 Interoperability

E. IPv4 layer 3 security

Answer: D

What is the MTU¡¯s size in a GRE tunnel?

A. 1630

B. 1476

C. 1500

D. 1900

Answer: B

Which command will limit debug output ppp authentication on serial 0/1 and serial 0/2?

A. debug condition interface range s0/1 -0/2

debug ppp authentication

B. debug condition interface s0/1 & 0/2

debug ppp authentication

C. debug int s0/1

debug int 0/2

debug ppp authentication

D. Debug condition interface s0/1

Debug condition interface s0/2

debug ppp authentication

Answer: D

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