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Share some IBM Certified Solution Developer C2090-424 exam questions and answers below.
A job design consists of an input Row Generator stage, a Filter stage, followed by a Transformer stage and an output Sequential File stage.The job is run on an SMP machine with a configuration file defined with three nodes.The $APT_DISABLE_COMBINATION variable is set to True.How many player processes will this job generate?
Answer: A

You are responsible for deploying objects into your customers production environment. To ensure the stability of the production system the customer does not permit compilers on production machines. They have also protected the project and only development machines have the required compiler.What option will enable jobs with a parallel transformer to execute in the customers production machines?
A.Add $APT_COMPILE_OPT=-portable
C.Use protected projects in the production environment.
D.Create a package with Information Server Manager and select the option to include executables.
Answer: D

Which two actions are available when editing a message handler? (Choose two.)
A.Abort job
B.Demote to warning
C.Suppress from job log
D.Demote to informational
E.Suppress from the project
Answer: C,D

On the DataStage development server, you have been making enhancements to a copy of a
DataStage job running on the production server.You have been asked to document the changes you have made to the job.What tool in DataStage Designer would you use?
A.Compare Against
D.Cross Project Compare
Answer: D

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