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Share some HCNP-R&S H12-221-ENU exam questions and answers below.
Which of the following statements are correct regarding OSPF intra-area route calculation? (Select 2 answers)
A.Each OSPF router uses only one Router LSA to describe the local active link state for an area.
B. Each OSPF router uses more than one Router LSA to describe local active link state for an area.
C. One Router LSA describes only one link,
D. One Router LSA describes more than one link.
Answer: A, D

Enabling MD5 authentication between BGP peers can prevent DoS attacks that target BGP peers.
Answer: A

Which of the following route entries match the IP-Prefix defined below? ip ip-prefix test index 10 permit 16 greater-equal 24 less-equal 28 (Select 2 answers)
Answer: A, C

Which of the following is the multicast distribution tree maintained by PIM-DM?
Answer: A

Which of the following are multicast routing protocols? (Select 3 answers)
Answer: A, B, D

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